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Need Help? What do you expect it to smell like? Everyone's anus smells weird unless they are soaping and washing regularly after every movement. Discussion in ' The Vestibule ' started by sn4psJun 29,

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Hey Dan. Think how bad a raw piece of steak would smell after a few days if you left it in a room at degrees. If your intestine is badly clogged it may. Up to a few months ago I was a very popular college student with lots of friends and had no trouble getting girls.

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First, though, I scoured the reviews. This is gonna sound extremely nasty but if I was to skim my finger down my crack and smell it, it would have some sort of funky scent! I know it is. Top definition.

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You know, even if it DID or does have to do with feces and the scent of feces it'd not be anything to be ashamed of. Really, your friend is being a dope. If we know anything about human sexuality, we know that what's most normal is difference and variance, and that it's exceptionally difficult to be able to say, with any authority, that nearly ANY sexual behaviour or preference is "weird.

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin. [IMG] I smell my butt like 4 times a day. Advertisement. to be honest i would lick her hand after she did that no joke. MrMisfit, Jun 29, Use flushable wet wipes every time that you poop.

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Rectal itching is normally a symptom that produces a strong urgency to scratch the area around your anus, and often leads to a smelly bottom. Why would you put that stink into a woman's mouth? stank coming from me, and I had recently showered so my ass shouldn't have smelled. Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor.

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You clean, you wipe, you shower, and your bum still smells terrible. Causes of sweaty butt(swamp ass); Causes of stink butt or smelly . a swamp ass and loose pants would also allow air to pass up your leg to.

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WHAT DOES MY ASS SMELL LIKE?! | Fucked Up Q&A *Re-uploaded because no one was getting the notification!* Jelly answers fucked up.

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