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The action of the Wendel group is one of the most followed investors who are interested in securities issued by companies related to the sector of the financial investment. But before you start buying and trading on its course online, it is best to take a few moments to complete your knowledge about this company and its stock. It is precisely what we offer you here with the relevant information concerning the activities of this group, the evolution of the price of this action within the time and other data practices that will help you put effective strategies into place and to perform relevant analysis.


About the Wendel group :

The Wendel group is an investment company that makes long-term investments on companies, sometimes publicly traded and which are positioning themselves as leaders in their sectors of activity and helps to boost their development and sales.

Among large companies, which the Wendel group is a shareholder, we find :

  • Bureau-Veritas : Wendel rubs off currently 41.20% of the shares of this company which offers services of certification and quality control.
  • Saint-Gobain : Wendel rubs off currently 6.5% of the shares of this company offering the manufacture and sale of construction materials.
  • Cromology : Wendel currently holds 87.3% of the specialist of specialty chemicals for companies in the building.
  • Stahl : Wendel currently holds 75.3% of the company specializing in the manufacture of chemical products for surface coatings.
  • IHS : Wendel holds 21.4% of the shares of this company providing infrastructure for mobile telecommunication.
  • Constantia Flexibles : Wendel owns 60.5% of the business of manufacturing of flexible packaging and labels.
  • Allied Universal : Wendel holds 33.2% of the shares of this company offering security services.

In addition, the Wendel group has also set up the company Oranje-Nassau Development in order to detect opportunities for growth, diversification or innovation of enterprises. Thanks to this structure, Wendel will be able to make investments smaller amounts. This company has realized several purchases recently as Mercatherm in the sector of equipment for industrial bakery to a height of 986%, Exceet specializing in the design of electronic systems onboard to the tune of 28.4%, Nippon Oil Pump in the field of manufacture of pumps trochoïdes and engines hydroliques height of 97.7%, as well as CSP Technologies, specializing in plastic packaging with a height of 98.3%.


The main competitors of Wendel :

Wendel is currently among the main investment companies in europe. But the competition in this area continues to be very important on a global scale although we cannot really speak here of competition as these groups do not take share of the market.

The large companies in this sector of activity and that it can therefore be considered as competitors of Wendel are :

  • Eurazeo
  • BlackRock
  • Colony Capital
  • Butler Capital Partners
  • Carlyle Group
  • Angel-Invest
  • Atticus Capital LP
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • Kingdom Holding Company
  • Alpine Select
  • Komart Investment Company
  • Komart Companies

Of course, when you are looking to carry out a fundamental analysis of the course of action Wendel, you must first take into account the competition of the companies in which the group holds strong interests. It is thanks to the success of these companies Wendel generates revenue. You can find very easily all kinds of information and news about these companies that are most traded on the Internet or from your broker. We recommend that you monitor the financial results and the degree of profitability and innovation of these companies.


The main partners of Wendel :

The company Wendel is an investment company, it is a good idea to keep close track of all the new alliances and reconciliations that it puts in place. To help you, here are some of the partnerships the most recent that have had an influence on the course.

So, in 2013, it is with the Saham group that Wendel associates in the framework of a partnership. Through this new partnership, Wendel boosts its investment strategy in Africa while allowing Saham develop in the west. Wendel will provide a representation on the Board of Directors of Saham, and will therefore concretely as a shareholder decision-maker within the group.

In 2016, Wendel has also initiated discussions with the Society in General in order to proceed with the redemption of the company ALD Automotive, which is a subsidiary of the banking group. Today, Wendel became the majority shareholder of this company.

Still in 2016, Wendel has made an approximation in the commercial real estate sector, always in Africa, by investing in the capital of the company, SGI Africa in collaboration with the group of cad / CAM.

We also recommend that you subscribe to a news feed about the company Wendel to not miss any new partnership or new investment of this group. Each announcement has, in effect, the more often a direct effect on the share price on the stock Exchange. You can find this information and much more from your broker CFDS.


Analysis of the course of action by Wendel :

In order to help you analyze the best course of action Wendel, direct and predict the future movements of this title, it is interesting to look at the stock charts historical price. It is precisely what we offer you here with a technical analysis history of these past ten years and explanations of the major trends observed during this period.

At year-end 2007, the title was just above the bar of 100€ but has experienced a significant decline, which has led it to touch the threshold of 17.88 euros in march of 2009 a loss in a short time. This decrease can easily be explained by the subprime crisis that has affected the entire world at this time.

Fortunately, just after this decrease, we observe the return of a growth long into a strong trend upward, although punctuated by micro-movements prescription. A first peak will be reached 84.79€ in July 2011, before a downward correction that will bring back to the level of 42.50 euros in November of the same year. But the technical support of 50€ is good and allows the current to take the path of the upward direction, this time, the level of 115.60€ in march 2014.

This increase will be, in all logic, followed by profit taking that will result in a loss of points up to the threshold of 81.03 euros in October 2014 before a new surge upward to a new peak of 121.60€ reached in August 2015.

Again, investors are cautious and resell their securities in order to earn profits. It is, therefore, a new downward correction who takes over the this increase with a return to the level of 86.08€ in February 2016. This threshold will be the starting point of a new uptrend, more stable and more volatile than the previous. In the month of November 2017, the share price, Wendel is close to 150€.

For your taken position in the long term, it is advisable to wait to see how this psychological resistance to major in. In the case of a crossing net, we can expect a further increase to 200€. But a holding of this threshold will no doubt profit taking and a downward correction momentary.


Stock market data important about the action Wendel :

To ensure you have a perfect knowledge of the action Wendel before you begin trading online, you must know its history of course, as well as some information about this company that we have to share with you. But it will also be necessary to know certain information-exchange basis like the ones here :

  • In 2017, the total market capitalization of the company Wendel is of the order of 6 701.71 MN
  • The number of securities issued by the company Wendel and outstanding on the market is of the order of 47 195 153.
  • The share price, Wendel is currently traded on the compartment A of the Euronext Paris market in France.
  • Wendel is still a part of the composition of the stock index france CAC All Shares.
  • The shareholding structure of the company Wendel is made up to 36.90% of the shares held by Wendel-Participations, 26.20% of the shares held by foreign institutional investors, 20.70% of the shares of the individual shareholders, is 7.80% of the shares of institutional investors French, to 3.90% of assets in floating point, to 3.10% of the shares in self-custody and 1.40% of the units held by the executives and employees.

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