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To buy the stock Imerys online thanks to CFD, you will need to put in place strategies and methods of analysis concrete. To help you, here is all the information you’ll need in order to carry out your positions. You will find in this article the essential information concerning this stock, as well as a few tips for making your own analyses technical and fundamental, and thus be able to predict with the most accuracy possible future movements of its course in live markets.


About the Imerys group :

The Imerys group is the world leader in mineral specialties to the industry. We can, however, spread the activity of this company in various divisions based on the revenue they generate.

The solutions for the energy industry, and specialties represent 29.7% of the turnover of the business with the carbonates to which Imerys is the global number 2, the refractory monolithic, for which he is the leader, the graphite and the carbon to which it is also leader in solutions and exploitation of oil. These solutions particularly concern the industries of consumer goods, paper, high-temperature, mobile power, oil and gas.

The ceramic materials represent 29% of the overall turnover of the enterprise with the tiles of which he is the leader, minerals ceramics is also a leader, and the kaolins in which he is also the leader and the baking trays for high temperature furnace. These specialties relate to the construction industries, renewable energy, electrometallurgy, and sanitary ware, paper, paints or plastics.

The filtration and performance additives represent 27.1% of the overall turnover of the business with the talc, mica or minerals for filtration. These products cover the industries of the agro-food, plastics, paints, rubber, catalysts, paper, health and hygiene-beauty or the steel industry.

Finally, the minerals in the high-resistance represent 14.2% of the turnover of the company together with the minerals for refractories, minerals melted abrasives, zircon melted or fused silica. These minerals are generally restricted to industries such as steel, automotive or aeronautical.

Through its various activities, the Imerys group currently employs more than 15 697 people across the world.


The main competitors of Imerys :

Based on the ranges of products that it offers, the Imerys group has to face competition varied. Here is the detail of its main opponents :

In the field of minerals for ceramics, refractories, abrasives and foundry, it faces the competition of companies :

  • AKW
  • Sibelco
  • Goonvean
  • Almatis,
  • Rio Tinto
  • Saint-Gobain
  • Washington Mills
  • Nacional de Grafite

In the field of minerals and performance of filtration, its opponents are :

  • BASF
  • Kamin
  • AKW
  • Sibelco
  • Goonvean
  • Omya
  • Eagle Picher
  • ECSC
  • Grefco
  • Mondo

In the field of pigments for paper, its main competitors are:

  • Vale Cadam
  • BASF
  • KaMin
  • AKW
  • Thiele
  • Omya
  • Mineral Technologies

Finally, in the field of materials and monolithic, its competitors are :

  • Terreal
  • Monnier
  • Bouyer-Leroux
  • Vesuvius
  • RHI

To conduct key analyses relevant to the share price of the Imerys, you will of course need to carry out a complete study of this competition in order to anticipate the price variations of this title. The results of these businesses as well as the evolution of their market shares are interesting elements that can bring you some interesting insights.


The main partners of Imerys :

In order to climb up to the top of the ranking of its industry and retain its market share, the Imerys group has put in place a development strategy and innovation, but also strategic partnerships with other companies in industries similar or complementary. To better understand how such partnerships are important, here are two recent examples of alliances put in place by the company.

In 2011 in particular, the company Imerys has set up a joint venture with the group Bahreïnï Al Zayani Investments. This alliance had the objective to carry out a project of construction of a plant for the production of alumina melted in Bahrain.

In order to remain at the forefront of innovation, Imerys has also put in place in 2016, in partnership with swiss company Omya, which is also one of its main competitors. The two entities have formed a joint venture in which the objective is to promote research and development in the very specific sector of the fibrils of micro cellulose.

It is, of course, not impossible that the Imerys group to develop further strategic alliances in the future and it is therefore recommended that you closely follow the news in order not to miss any opportunity to gain.


Analysis of the course of action Imerys :

The technical analysis of the price of the stock Imerys live should allow you, by means of different graphical indicators, to determine how the trends are likely to evolve in the short, medium and long term. But to achieve this, it is interesting to know the historical developments of this asset. So here is a summary of the major trends observed in the last ten years.

The end of the year 2007 at the beginning of the year 2008, the share price of the Imerys will try in vain to win the threshold of 50€. Finally, in the month of June 2008, the title will enter a downward trend is high that will lead to the level of 22.17€ in march 2009, the lowest level of this period of ten years. But this fall will be the starting point of a first trend upward, which will last until April 2011 with the crossing of the resistance of the€ 50 and achieve a first over the top 54.45€. Unfortunately, this decision points will be immediately followed by a downward correction in the direction of 32.27€ in December 2011.

The year 2012 marks the starting point of a new increase that will allow the title to pass through in a year the psychological threshold of€ 60 and to continue its increase in the direction this time of a peak at 64.91€ in February 2014, then a new record rising to 72.09€ in April 2015. As you might expect, the investors decide, the crossing of 70€ to get back some of their profits, causing a new dip downward in the direction of 52.86€ in February 2016.

However, the increase observed is not complete in regard to the title Imerys, which continues to take points in a new wave of positive. This upward trend will in the course of action of approaching the level of 80€ between march and October 2017 without reaching to the cross.

This observation suggests several possibilities in regards to the long-term evolution of Imerys ‘ shares. It goes without saying that a clean break of the psychological resistance of 80€ may result in a continuation of the trend from the bottom upward to a new peak. But the conduct of this resistance could lead to profit-strategic on the part of investors and therefore a new downward correction.

Fortunately, as can be seen easily on the charts, there are many opportunities to trade on movements in the shorter term, of this title which are particularly volatile.


Stock market data important about the action Imerys :

To ensure you have a perfect knowledge of Imerys ‘ shares before you start trading online, you must know its history of course, as well as some information about this company that we have to share with you. But it will also be necessary to know certain information-exchange basis like the ones here :

  • In 2017, the total market capitalization of the company Imerys is of the order of 6 355.88 MN
  • The number of securities issued by the company Imerys and outstanding on the market is of the order of 79 567 874.
  • The course of action Imerys is currently traded on the compartment A of the Euronext Paris market in France.
  • Imerys is still a part of the composition of the stock index france CAC All Shares.
  • The shareholding structure of the company Imerys constituted 54% of the shares held by the group as Belgian Securities, 5.20% of the shares held by the company Blue Crest Holding, to 1.17% of the shares held in treasury stock by the company itself and 0.49% of the shares of the group’s employees. The rest of its assets are floating and thus flows freely on the market among private investors.

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