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If you want to invest a portion of your capital on the stock Exchange in the field of luxury and high fashion, the action Christian Dior is an excellent choice. But before you embark in such a speculation via the CFD of your favorite, take a few moments to check out our detailed review of this title. There you will find, among other things, a comprehensive analysis of its historical evolution, its positioning on the stock market but also other data about this French company and its activities. Everything you need to implement your strategies.


About the group Christian Dior :

The French company Christian Dior, in the name of his creator, is in reality a holding company which carries out various activities in the world of luxury, fashion and haute couture. More precisely, we can classify its activities into six poles different in function of the turnover that they generate.

  • The sale of fashion items and leather goods represents by itself more than 32% of the overall turnover of the business. They include the products of Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Céline, Loewe, Givenchy, Kenzo, Thomas Pink, Berluti, Pucci and Loro Piana.
  • The selective distribution represents almost 30% of the turnover of the business with activities that occur in the networks Zipporah, DFS, Le Bon Marché or Island of Beauty.
  • The sale of perfumes and various cosmetic products represents 12.4% of the turnover of the company Christian Dior with the sale of perfumes under the brands Christian Dor, Guerlain, Givenchy and Kenzo, and cosmetics under the brands Make UpForever, Benefit Cosmetics, Fresh, Aqua di Parma, KVD Beauty or Ole Henriksen.
  • The sale of wine and spirits represent 12% of the turnover of the business with the champagnes Moët and Chandon, Mercier, Veuve Cliquot or Krug, the wines with the brands Dom Perignon, Newton Vineyards and Château D’yquem, the cognacs of which the mark Henessy, the whisky brand Glenmorangie, or the vodka brand Belvedere.
  • The sale of watches and products of jewelry represents 8.7% of the turnover of the holding company Christian Dior with the brands Bulgari, TAG Heuer, Zenith, Hublot, Chaumet and Fred.
  • Finally, the creation, production and sale of articles of luxury represents 4.8% of the turnover of the business with leather goods, ready-to-wear, jewellery and eyewear under the trademark of Christian Dior Couture.

The group Christian Dior currently employs more than 139 838 people around the world.


The main competitors of Christian Dior :

The luxury sector is one of the industries that suffer the least from the effects of the economic crisis. However, it is also a sector facing strong competition and the holding company Christian Dior is no exception to the rule. She does so in the face of a few other big names in this area that are as serious competitors to take into account in your analyses.

Note, however, that the main competitor of Christian Dior who was once the LVMH group, has absorbed this company in 2017. It is therefore no longer to be regarded as a direct competitor. Through this alliance, the group is today the undisputed leader of this sector of activity.

It is however necessary to take into account the competition of a few other serious companies of this sector such as :

  • Lafuma
  • Hermes International
  • L’oréal (Especially in the field of cosmetics)

When you will begin to realize your fundamental analysis of the course of action Christian Dior, you will of course need to conduct a study of the serious competition. For this, we advise you to keep close track of the latest news from each of these groups, as well as the publication of their annual results. Of course, you can find very easily this information from your broker or by subscribing to a news feed targeted online.


The main partners of Christian Dior :

This is not without difficulty that the group Christian Dior is ranked among the leading communication services companies in the world. In effect, its marketing strategy implements a number of methods including the establishment of partnerships targeted with some complementary businesses or competitors.

Thus, in 2015,c it is with the Korean cosmetics, Amore Pacific Corporation that the group Christian Dior is a partner. The aim of this partnership is to enable the subsidiary of cosmetics from Christian Dior to benefit from the technology cushion set up by Amore Pacific for its new line of products, including the concealer.

More recently, either in 2017, a few noises have ran about an association between Christian Dior and the clothing brand Nike, following a photo published on the social network Instagram, combining the logos of the two brands. Still have to wait if these rumors will be confirmed.

Finally, it is also necessary to take into account the redemption of Christian Dior by the group, competitor LVMH, which took place in 2017 and that drastically changed the positioning of this company in this market.

Of course, you must watch with the greatest attention for future partnerships marketing will be able to set Christian Dior as well as any buyback operations or sale of certain brands and that will have a certain influence on the evolution of the market price of such shares on the stock Exchange.


Analysis of the course of action Christian Dior :

To be able to anticipate the future variations of the course of action Christian Dior, it is necessary to understand how the title behaves over the long term and depending on the events and technical indicators are important. For this, it is a good idea to look at the technical analysis history of its course as we shall do here, with a return on the stock charts of the last ten years.

The first thing that one observes in looking at these graphics is that the title follows a trend firmly bullish and stable. We note, however, a slight decrease between November 2007 and December 2008, with a fall to 36.10€ is the lowest level of this period.

Because from the beginning of the year 2009, the share price, Christian Dior began for a first increase, which will allow him to cross the threshold of 100€ in the month of October 2010. It will be then in the vicinity of this resistance until January 2012. At this moment begins a new rise in the price, a little more stable than the previous one although marked a few micromotion bearish and that will allow him to touch 192.50€ in August 2015.

Just after this trend, and the approach of the psychological resistance of 200€, the title is undergoing profit-taking, leading to a downward correction in the direction of 142.60€ in June 2016. But quickly, investors re-interested in this promising title, and we are seeing a new surge in prices that are much more important and volatile than the previous. The cap of€ 200 is thus moved in December 2016 and the trend continues until you reach the threshold of 300€ in November 2017, an increase of 50% in only one year. This increase is easily explained by the absorption of Christian Dior by the LVMH group.

It is therefore necessary to be cautious if you want to take a long position to the upside as a bearish reversal due to profit taking is not ruled out. However, it remains more likely that the title climbs again.


Stock market data important about the action Christian Dior :

You have just become aware of a number of relevant information about the company Christian Dior and its activities as well as its positioning on the market and some technical data historical on its course. Now discover a few key figures and aggregate data about the listing of the company on the stock market.

  • In 2017, the total market capitalization of the company Christian Dior is of the order of 54 332.76 MN
  • The number of securities issued by the company Christian Dior, and in circulation on the market is of the order of 180 507 516.
  • The course of action Christian Dior is currently traded on the compartment A of the Euronext Paris market in France.
  • Christian Dior is still a part of the composition of the stock index france CAC All Shares.
  • The shareholding structure of the company Christian Dior has recently changed as a result of an OPR of 2017. Thus, while the vast majority of the units of this group have been bought by the LVMH group. It is therefore the group Arnault, which today holds more than 95.03% of the capital of the company. The rest of the assets are floating.

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