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If you plan to start trading on the course of action We’re with the CFD, then you are going to need some basic knowledge that will help you to understand the issues that face this company and how its stock is influenced by external events. That is why here we offer you a complete review about this action in the Stock market with all of the essential data, technical analysis history of its evolution on the stock market as well as some practical advice for succeeding in your analysis and implement investment strategies that are evidence-based and effective.


About the group Edenred :

The French group, Edenred is currently the world number one in its sector of activity. It proposes solutions transactions for companies, their employees and merchants. It is especially known Edenred to its securities papers to pay for purchases, food or travel as well as other products or services, but this company has developed its activities and also offers other material transaction, such as maps, cell phones, or some of the payment platforms online.

Through these different solutions, Edenred enables companies to offer their employees more purchasing power via the enterprise committee. But it also allows certain merchants group partners to increase their revenues by gaining market share.

We can divide the services offered by Edenred in three categories depending on the type of business concerned :

  • The benefits to employees, including restaurant vouchers or holiday vouchers.
  • Mobility solutions professional with tickets or car rental.
  • And the complementary solutions, such as the payment of inter-company, motivation and rewards, as well as some public social programs.

At the present time, the offering of Edenred’s key no less than 43 million employees, 750 000entreprises or communities, as well as 1.4 million merchants. Edenred offers these services in over 42 countries around the world and mainly in Europe and employs 8 000 people at least.


The main competitors of Edenred :

If the French group Edenred was able to climb up to first place in the ranking of the providers of transactional solutions in the world, it is, of course, not the only one who offers this type of services at the international level. Thus, it is a good idea to know the firms likely to compete and here are the most important :

  • Natixis : This bank financing, management and financial services is a subsidiary of the BPCE group from the merger between Caisse d’epargne and Banque Populaire in 2006. It also offers transactional services such as cheques table.
  • Sodexo : another French shade to Edenred. Specializing in catering services, this group also offers titles meal called » cheques restaurant «.
  • Finally, we can also mention the company Cheque Lunch, which issues titles of the same name and is one of the main competitors of Edenred in Europe.

Of course, knowing about these competitors is not enough to guide you in your pronouncements on the course of action Edenred. To make a profit, it should be in effect to integrate the information from these companies in your fundamental analysis, taking account in particular of the results of each company, their news respective and the evolution of market shares of each. You can also find lots of information for your study of the competition online on specialized websites or at your broker of CFDS.


The main partners of Edenred :

As we quickly saw above, the group Edenred puts in place different partnerships with renowned companies, offering of services or products, to extend the possibilities of use of its securities payment and transaction services. Most of these partnerships are many and their services are attractive to businesses and their employees. Here are a few examples of partnerships recently set up by the company :

In 2014 in particular, We became a partner of the Europ Assistance group, in establishing the offer Ticket Travel Pro which is an integrated solution all-in-one for the expenses of employees during their business trips. This payment card associated with a booking platform, in line and space notes management fees included and insurance benefits and assistance proposed by the Europ Assistance group.

In 2017, this is the group Midas, which is associated to the project Ticket Travel Pro in the framework of its services of maintenance and services cars. The aim of this partnership is to simplify the access to the network of the group’s vehicles to employees of companies.

Finally, in 2017, Edenred and ProwebCE are associated to the French group for Sale-Private by putting in place a proposal including packages of management and accounting, as well as the platform Meyclub that allows employees of companies to use funds that are granted each year by their committee on the merchant site.

It is of course very interesting to monitor the future partnerships, We will be able to put in place in order to anticipate the possible influences it will have on the share price on the stock Exchange.


Analysis of the course of action Edenred :

The course of action, Edenred has been rated for the first time on the stock market in French in 2010. Since this introduction, it has of course undergone many changes in bullish and bearish that can enlighten us as to his manner of behaving. To help you better understand, here is a technical analysis of their historical course :

After its introduction to the Stock market, as We know, first of all a bullish trend is interesting that the lead up to the level of 21.50€ in April 2011. This ascent will be then followed by a slight downward correction to the level of 16.84€ reached a few months later in August 2011. But this correction phase will not, and will be followed by a new increase, reaching a first peak at 24.36 euros in April 2012 and then, after a phase of hesitation in the teeth of the saw, a new peak rising at 26.61 euros in march 2013, which is currently the highest historical level ever achieved by this action.

After this huge increase, we are witnessing a first attempt to decrease between may and October 2013 under the bar 25€. But a further increase will allow the course to achieve 26.55€ in November 2013. A new downward correction, the more sustainable this time, will then be the title to 19.80€ in October 2014 before a new bullish recovery which will take a few points in the direction of the level of 26.17€ in January 2015.

Quickly, one can observe a downward trend is much more volatile than the previous years with a fall of the title to 14.06 euros in February 2016. But the technical support of 15€ is good, allowing a new wave of buying and the beginning of a new trend upward. The 20th will be, and again crossed to the increase in July 2016 and in February 2017 with a further movement in the direction of the psychological threshold of 25€ that will be reached in November 2017. It will therefore be necessary to closely monitor the conduct or the breach of this resistance in order to anticipate the possibilities of continuation of the current increase, or, on the contrary, a reversal of the downward trend.


Stock market data important about the action Edenred :

To ensure you have a perfect knowledge of the action Edenred before you begin trading online, you must know its history of course, as well as some information about this company that we have to share with you. But it will also be necessary to know certain information-exchange basis like the ones here :

  • In 2017, the total market capitalization of the company Edenred is of the order of 5 836.81 MN
  • The number of securities issued by the company Edenred and outstanding on the market is of the order of 235 402 740.
  • The course of action Edenred is currently traded on the compartment A of the Euronext Paris market in France.
  • Edenred is still a part of the composition of the stock index france CAC All Shares.
  • The shareholding structure of the company Edenred is constituted 19.83% of the shares held by The Capital Group Companies, 5.26% of the shares held by individual shareholders, to 5.01% of the shares held by Select Equity Group, to 4.96% of the units held by Oppenheimer Funds, to 4.69% of the units held by the bottom Black Rock and 0.87% of the shares in self-custody.

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