Bergerat Monnoyeur form its demonstrators to tiltrotateur

Mid-may the trainers at Bergerat Monnoyeur, dealer, Caterpillar France, took advantage of a training in the use of tiltrotateur, mounted for the occasion on the all-new wheeled excavator Cat M315F. Meeting and explanations.—————— ADVERTISING ——————

Increasingly used in France, the tiltrotateur has long been the standard for the countries of the North like Sweden, Norway or Denmark, where it has changed the work habits. It is this experience that Bergerat Monnoyeur has wanted to bring to its demonstrators by inviting for the occasion, Mikael Holmström, a Swedish operator and a specialist of these tools. “In Sweden we find the tiltrotateur everywhere, and even on excavators of 30 tons, we he explains. The working speed is greatly improved, up to 40 % faster. The machine moves less and only has to change a tool in function of the progress of the work “. About the training : “The first day it was discussed a lot, done a lot of theory. The rest is dedicated to the practice : each demonstrator tries in turn to adapt to the situations that I offer them. The exchange is rich, I provide them with all the tips that I can, and I find the problems specific to France, including the little space available to work in the cities “.

Among the 5 demonstrators present, Serge Leboube, speaking about the region, gives us his impressions : “The tiltrotateur it is a new tool that will develop. It is proposed by Bergerat Monnoyeur optional but in the assembly factory. It is therefore important for us to know, and these 3 days allow us to both discover the tool to try and develop. Methods Swedish are a bit different, as explains Mikael [Holmström], the use of the “tilt” is much more intense than we are, and they do not hesitate to secure a construction site from A to Z with. Necessarily this requires special care, and this is what we learn here “.

This training is in support of the strategy for the integration of tiltrotateurs to excavators Caterpillar, an option now available on the entire range. Thanks to the factory assembly, the various adjustment possibilities of the tool are directly available on the main screen in the cabin, from which the operator can see and change the angles of rotation and tilt of the tool, but also save and recall them at need. The home was also equipped with two lines, high-speed hydraulic to connect to need hammers, tongs, or plates of compaction. A adaptable expanded represents a higher initial investment but it will be more quickly depreciated over time thanks to the great versatility of such holders, multi-tools.

The shovel also contributed to this training was the latest wheeled excavator Cat M315F, version low radius of gyration of the Cat M314F. “This is a shovel which has a radius of gyration reduced by 30 cm, with a counterweight heavier to a weight of about 1.5 to 2 t, explains Christophe Pupier, demonstrator for the South-eastern part. There are also possibilities of adjustments of the water, which allows you to adjust the machine according to its application with 3 different programs in order to encourage either the accuracy, or the nervousness of the machine. Side novelty we can also note the possibility of automating the blocking of the bridge and the brake as soon as the operator lifts the foot from the pedal of translation. “

The training took place on a site made available by the group Fish, in Gretz-Armeinvillier (77), of which the rental business includes a fleet of 450 machines, of which 60% is in the colours of Caterpillar. “This event allows us to open up and share information on the latest technical advances, says Benjamin Colinet, responsible for business development, and it is important for us to keep him informed of market developments to come. Because the goal for us is to be the bearer of solutions, not just carrier services. “A meeting will, therefore, have benefited everyone.

The congress of the NMCS in 2017 images

Vacuum recycler Pullmann Ermator Husqvarna for the carrotage concrete, supplying clean water and recovery of drilling muds.

Arden Equipment offers on tte its range of shears CU15 to 5000, the fogging system ArdenJet.

Arden Equipment is going to launch a tilt rotator, the Arden Tiltrotor over the last quarter of 2017. In testing now on a shovel of 15 t.

Femil offers a cell of decontamination on the carrier 3.5 t conform to the regulations in force on the asbestos removal.

Mloc (SOMTP) is present to present its offer of dedicated hardware.

Pocket Easygel Sebemex boring of walls capture dust for small interventions in sub-section 4.

Gloves Protej Sebemex, waterproof and anticoupures, properties antitranspirantes, durable, mechanically, at an appropriate price.

Recy’Asbestos, the packaged solution Extramiante for artisans, to facilitate the management of waste asbestos containing, collection, destruction, BSDA.

MCFA distributes the hammers Soosan in France for the account of Mecanokit and the tools of demolition Demarec.

MCFA has been marketed since the end of 2011 + 800 hammers Soosan in France.

Husqvarna has been selected in the competition of innovation of the Nmcs for his chain saw and diamond enhanced WSC, cutting angles clean.

Award ceremony of the innovation of the NMCS : 22 records have been selected this year.

ArdennesTech present in pre-european premiere of its new brand of shears, scrap metal, Shearcore with its range Fortness.

Sogelink present at the innovation competition its solution Asbestos 360°, with the aim of zero paper work site and traceability.

The solution to chain saw Husqvarna came 2nd in the award for innovation.

At Natural Tech, a mist of slaughter to dust single-phase 35 m, in use on the demolition of Roissy Terminal 1.

Diatom has supplied the school of the sawing of the NMCS a wall saw, high frequency, and a carotteuse high-frequency Pentruder, discs and drills.

FFB : ideas for “Rebuilding of France”

Surfing on the timeliness of the legislative elections that will take place on 11 and 18 June, the French Building Federation has published 112 proposals for, according to the professional organization, “rebuilding of France”.—————— ADVERTISING ——————
The world building wants to be heard in the very wide debate which currently agitates the hex on the “how to get out of the economic slump”. Difficult indeed to remain silent while the CONSTRUCTION sector is a major employer in France and that he expects much of the economic stimulus announced by Emmanuel Macron. The FFB has therefore consulted 3.000 entrepreneurs and artisans and has delivered a document that “reflects the demands of the world of the building, to a few weeks of this election essential”. It is based on his model published last September and which was addressed to the candidates in the presidential election. Accessed on the internet site of the FFB, this road map to the wishes of the chain construction incorporates everything that affects the daily life of companies in the sector : labour legislation, taxation, town planning, markets, sub-contracting, etc, The FFB wants to go even further, as it provides for meetings with all applicants to discuss its claims as the most pressing. The Federation has, in fact, of the priorities at the top of the basket : account deletion strain, the fight against social dumping and illegal work, the easing of rules on hiring and firing, the reform of the IHR, or improving the cash flow of enterprises. A priori, wishes not so incompatible with the agenda of the new tenant of the Elysée palace.

3M exhibited in Préventica Paris

The specialist PPE 3M will be exhibiting at the occasion of the salon Préventica Paris (from 20 to 22 June) two innovations for the protection of professionals in the CONSTRUCTION industry.—————— ADVERTISING ——————
The new filters combined 2-in-1 3M protect against particles and gases and vapors. Ensuring a greater simplicity to the management of inventories, they reduce the number of references made to order. Today, it is enough to select a single, so yesterday, he had to choose three : one for the filter gas/vapour, one for the filter particle and a for the ring assembly.
Very light, eye protection 3M SecureFit 600 series offer an optimal level of comfort, fit and clarity to stay in place and protect their bearers in all circumstances. They have been designed in function of the results of a global study conducted by 3M on the morphology, in order to be able to protect comfortably 99% of the professionals. Accordance with the standard EN 166:2001, they absorb 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays.
Eye protection 3MTM SecureFit 600 series is distinguished by a large number of options : tinting of the eye, coating anti-scratch or anti-fog 3M Scotchgard, 3M technology Branches to the Diffusion of Pressure (PDT), foam gasket…

Haas & Haas relies on the BIM Paschal

The company Haas & Haas is focusing on digital tools, including BIM, to ensure its performance and competitiveness in the future.—————— ADVERTISING ——————
“We see ourselves as a construction company focused on the services which, in addition to skilled professionals and modern equipment, was also based on new digital technologies”, explains director Jan Haas. “To succeed in keeping our talented employees, we must remain competitive and streamline the process of working with digital solutions”.
In the building sector, there are already many possibilities of digital applications and software solutions, such as in the area of procurement and logistics of construction. At Haas+Haas, the use of the software of planning of the formwork has especially proven its value in the preparation of the site. “It is important for us to be able to use our materials efficiently and deliver the right formwork equipment required on the jobsite,” says Jan Haas.
In fact, since 2015, the company operates the software of formwork PPL Paschal/planitec. For the creation of plans of formwork, paths can be entered or existing plans can be imported into the software PPL. Then, the programme automatically creates a formwork solution into a 3D model. The cuts and the views of all wall surfaces can be produced at the scale of representation desired.
“We use the plans of formwork to speak of phasing in particular with the foreman or of any uncertainties can be clarified in advance. It is much more effective when the questions are asked once the equipment on the construction site”, adds Jan Haas. In addition to the formwork plan on, the software automatically generates a list of material corresponding with the set of elements of the formwork, the necessary quantities, and all the accessories needed. The module “Warehouse” is available in the PPL 11.0 allows the user to check if the hardware is now in stock.

The technical day-Afoco in pictures

The chain of machefers of non-hazardous waste is today the industry well-structured sector.

Theme : “guidelines of acceptability environmental : brake or engine ?”

The national association for the use of serious machefers represents 1/3 of the national production recycled.

“Inventory management and the requirement of separate lots concrete / asphalt / mixed : danger to the balance of eco platforms”.

“It is necessary to review the guides on alternative materials to comply with the law of energy transition”.

Eric Seitz (Afoco), Samyr El Bedoui (Cerema), Lucia Bessard (Leader), Anthony Perreira (Federec)

On the guides of acceptability environmental alternative materials : “the units of recycling exotic still exist”.

Julien Waligora (Eiffage) answers on how to simplify the use of the guides to acceptability of materials alternative.

“The output registers of the waste are not updated, therefore, is a problem for the tracabilite of recycled material”. “The tracabilite of materials allows to cover the responsibility of the recyclers” .

“The effort should not be focused on the drafting of the new guides, but on the traçabilite”.

Demolition : Lyon have “the long arm”

First projects for excavators Hyundai HX480L of SEEM group Martel and HX330L of Remuet TP, each equipped with a long arm demolition Soerma TP. Two gear production for the same goal : the versatility in the type of applications addressed, namely, slaughter, mechanical, grinding, and sorting at the ground, disposal of excavated material and loading trucks.—————— ADVERTISING ——————
The group lyonnais Martel opens, on the demolition site of the CHU of Clermont-Ferrand, a project for the rehabilitation of 4.5 ha, the 3rd shovel of demolition, with the same confidence as to the Hyundai brand as its distributor…

Potain exhibition InterBuildExpo 2017

The show InterBuildExpo, which was recently held in Kiev, Ukraine, is one of the largest construction fairs in eastern Europe. The edition 2017 was seen Hoisting Machinery, dealer, Potain’s long-standing, exposing the whole range of cranes Potain.—————— ADVERTISING ——————
The range Potain is a well-known Hoisting Machinery which has approximately 50 tower cranes Potain in its rental fleet. It is also one of lifting businesses that provided technical support during assembly and disassembly of cranes Potain present on the iconic project of Chernobyl.
“We’re very concerned by the GMA in Ukraine”, stresses Jean-Claude Doucène, ceo of Manitowoc for the CIS. “There’s not a lot of companies offering this type of cranes in eastern Europe, but the clients are starting to understand the advantages of easy transportation, fast installation and flexible configurations. The new models Hup have been particularly popular with rental companies in Hungary, because they are among the most versatile on the market.”

Magni landed in Japan

Maruka Machinery is now the exclusive distributor of telescopic Magni TH on the whole of Japan.—————— ADVERTISING ——————
Present in Japan, the Americas and Asia, Maruka Machinery will propose on the market a full range of rotary telescopic handlers Magni. The series THR, which offers a working height of between 18 and 46 m, and the series HTH, with a capacity of 10 to 45 t. It will also ensure the distribution of the new model TH 6.20, the first model of a range of telescopic, fixed to the building, with a capacity of 6 t and up to a lifting height of 20 m. It will soon be supplemented by 2 other models, a respective height of 10 and 15 m.
Maruka Machinery has a long experience in the sectors of construction and industry. It will allow Magni to integrate sustainably in the japanese market, very modern, with a strong vertical development.

Mortar scratch coat for floors by Solindus

The online platform Solindus, recently launched by Promatec, offers new types of mortars for the repair of floors, with sizes and forms adapted for the scratch coat small surfaces. They offer a very high mechanical strength of 900 kg/cm2.—————— ADVERTISING ——————
The Repair Mortar Rapid is used for the scratch coat of small holes, cracks, joints etc, in an industrial environment. It is applied directly on the support to the trowel of metal, and has strong mechanical strength.
The repair mortar rapid is available in a capacity of 5kg. Can be used on surfaces indoors, its setting time is 6 h at an ambient temperature of 18°c. It is advisable to apply the product at a temperature between 12°c and 25°c. Comes in a kit pre-measured 3 component, the solution is very easily mélangeable and easy application.
The mortar scratch coat is used to obtain a smooth surface on the supports damaged. It can be used to repair the medium and the ragréer of 1.5 mm approximately. It applies to the trowel or metal squeegee gear. Easy to leak, the solution allows to obtain a result that is perfectly smooth. It is available in a capacity of 10kg.

Can be used on surfaces indoors, its setting time is 6 h at an ambient temperature of 18°c. Comes in a kit pre-measured 3 component, the solution is, again, very easily mélangeable and easy application.